The Office of Naval Intelligence
480px-ONI Seal 1

ONI's Seal


  • Fleet observation and analysis
  • Propaganda
  • Espionage
  • Clandestine reconnaissance
  • Advanced research

  • Battle of Sector 001
  • Dominon War 
  • Insurrection
  • Human-Covenant War
  • Great Schism
  • Sangheili civil war

The Office of Naval Intelligence is responsible for all the cloak and dagger operations for the Federation and the UNSC. They oversee all the spooks that operate in the Alpha, Gamma and Delta Quadrants. 

Operations Edit

The Office of Naval Intelligence gathers Intel on enemy deployments, ship numbers, ground forces etc. They then process this information then they distribute this information to the UNSC Navy and Starfleet. They operate independently of all other branches and circumvent most UNSC and Federation law. Their methods of information collection vary between electronic surveillance, deployment of agents in the field and use of their prowlers. 

Subdivisions Edit

Section ZeroEdit

This is the most secretive section its existence is not widely known outside of the agency. Little is known about this section, however several leaked documents have revealed that this section is responsible for policing internal activities and keeping agents under control. But its operations remain a mystery.

Section One

This section is responsible for codebreaking and working directly with Starfleet and the UNSC. Their activities include information gathering, communication of this information with the UNSC and Starfleet.

Section TwoEdit

Section two is the propaganda branch of ONI. This includes dissemination of battle reports censorship of public knowledge of different engagements. They also transmit false signals throughout the quadrant to fool enemies on the whereabouts of fleets and outposts.

Section ThreeEdit

Section three is even more secretive than section zero, only one person outside ONI knows of it's existence. This section is responsible for black operations and oversees the agency's top secret projects and operations. It is rumored though that this section has an operative on every Starfleet starship in the Federation. This section also includes  section Beta-III

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